Cancelled a Friends Ticket and It Cancelled Mine?
Posted by dbachman

Was on the phone with a friend while submitting events and he decided he did not want a few events, so I clicked the cancel next to his name. After I processed my cart I come to find out that my ticket was also cancelled.

Why would it cancel MY ticket?

Posted by marimaccadmin

It shouldn't.  You can email [email protected] and they can review the transaction for you, see what happened.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by dbachman

Something is very wrong. It is showing the cancellations AFTER I purchased my tickets, and I did all my cancellations on what was in my cart BEFORE I submitted my cart for processing.

I did not cancel anything I have purchased. 

Posted by jerrytel

I noticed there are two delete buttons for my events in the cart; one to delete just the ticket in my name and one to delete all the tickets for an event. Assuming that for people with multiple tickets to a single event, there is an option to delete all with one button and individual buttons to delete them singularly.

Posted by dbachman

There are multiple buttons. One for the entire event, one for each participant. I clicked on the one next to my friend's name. 

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