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Posted by phoenix784

I'm wondering if anyone else is interested in autographs from magic the gathering artists while at gen con as me and my friends are if anyone has info on who will be attending please share I have seen a few artists on the art show list but I'm wondering if there will be any others that anyone knows of

Posted by mhayward1978

The art show is where it is at for M:tG artists.  There are always several there (I wouldn't necessarily expect them to all be signed up today), and most will sign cards for free or a small fee, and also to artist alterations or playmat customization for a bit more.

Posted by armadilloal

Jason Engle and Steve Argyle have booths outside of the Art Show, so there's at least two.

Nene Thomas also has a booth, but all of her Magic stuff is from the VERY early days.

Posted by robertarnold

Christopher Burdett, Eric Deschamps, Ralph Horsley, Aaron Miller, Jeff Miracola, Peter Mohrbacher, William O'Connor, Mark Poole, Steve Prescott, Omar Rayyan, Mike Sass, Dan Scott, John Stanko, and Charles Urbach are all in the Art show area. Tyler Jacobson is the artist guest of honer. Steve Argyle, Jason Engle, Monte Moore, Nene Thomas, Larry Elmore, and Ruth Thompson all have their own booths in the exhibit hall. Wayne Reynolds is in the Paizo booth. All of them are Magic artists. I have never had any of them charge me for autographs of a reasonable amount (15-20 or less). Some times there is an artist in the CCG room also. 

Posted by truelink

If you're having an artist sign more than just a couple cards, be sure to throw a tip their way. :)

Posted by njseahawksfan

Two years ago RK Post was signing in the MtG area.

Posted by phoenix784

Well some one definitely has a list ready cool and yes tipping is a mandatory in my idea because I've got a lot of cards I usually get signed depending on artist and age of art is how many I tend to get autographed 

Posted by whisper721

ok... I am new to MTG.... Just started with Shadows over Innistrad.....     I would love to get 1 card signed....  any ideas what card and who wold be there to sign?


Posted by aaronr

I am sure I am missing some but here is my list so far:

In artists' alley:

  • Christopher Burdett
  • Eric Deschamps
  • Tom Fleming
  • Ralph Horsley
  • Tyler Jacobson
  • Aaron Miller
  • Jeff Miracola
  • Peter Mohrbacher
  • Scott Murphy
  • William O'Connor
  • Mark Poole
  • Steve Prescott
  • Omar Rayyan
  • Mike Sass
  • Dan Scott
  • John Stanko
  • Charles Urbach

Artists with booths outside of artists' alley:

  • Monte Moore (Booth 108)
  • NéNé Thomas (Booth 945)
  • Ruth Thompson (Booth 625)
  • Wayne Reynolds (Booth 103)
  • Steve Argyle (Booth 469)
  • Larry Elmore (Booth 1142)

If anyone knows of an artist I am missing please let me know!

Posted by oldman

Thanks for the list!

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