How to get the most from VIG?
Posted by demiclies

Hi everyone,

This is my first Gencon. A long time attendee with a VIG Badge gave me a VIG companion upgrade. I would like to pick the communities brain on how to get the most from this rare gift. I know the badge gets me access to a room with free soda and I can get WiFi access as well. What else can a VIG badge do? I don't expect to ever get VIG again after the change to one companion per VIG, so this is my one shot to make it count.

Help me make my first Gencon the best!

Posted by remnant

Well if you now the VIG it's be easiest to ask them I would think.

Posted by demiclies

My friend is really into table top RPG. She isn't into video games or the art sides of gencon. I was hoping for more perspective on the VIG experience then my one friend has.

Posted by remnant

I don't think you'll get any perks for the E-gaming area maybe if the art side involves purchasing at the Dealer's Hall or a seminar.

Wednesday have them take you to the Lounge to get early access tickets to the Dealer's Hall if you want to shop an hour early Thursday only (if you aren't really trying to buy anything don't worry about it then). 

If you have tickets for an event seminar/big show that has large capacity seating you can ask if they have VIG or VIG Companion reserved seating in front (Worst case situation they'll say no). 

There's an area in the lounge to purchase/return events tickets also.

If you're schedules light there might be events in the lounge you might like so I'd check that out too.  Hope that helps.

Posted by demiclies

Thanks! That's some great info.

Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn?

The VIG lounge can be a good place to relax for a while, or even take a nap if you need to.

There's also a bag check/storage area in there, or at least there was last year, which can be useful if you've bought a bunch of stuff.

Your VIG friend may get RPG stuff in their swag bag, and if they're not into that, it could go in your direction.

The early access to the hall has been mentioned already, but it's probably the only time the hall isn't packed while still being open. If there's something you really want, that's the best time.

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