Where do I see all events I registered for? What about my wife?
Posted by outofhabit

So, I see "My transactions" but I'm not sure if all events I am registered for were bought through my account or if any were bought with my wife's account.
I also see "My packets" but that doesn't have dates/times.

Where can I see what I am signed up to go to? Can I see what my wife is signed up for? 
Is there a calendar or chronological list view somewhere for this?


Posted by parody

Click on your name at the end of the Gen Con menu bar.  (Ignore the popup menu.)  The resulting page shows you your schedule and tells you to go to the Friends and Family Page ("My Friends and Family" in the popup menu) to view others' schedules.

Posted by outofhabit

Oh. That was such a simple answer. I was hovering and clicking options instead of just clicking! haha!

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