Will there be any gaming, such as Tekken 7?
Posted by israel

Hello, im new the site and considering attending this year. The last time i went was a couple years ago, and there was gaming as well as small tournaments.

Will there still be gaming? Will there be any arcades for Tekken 7 perhaps? 

Posted by armadilloal

The company that ran the e-gaming rooms in 2014 and 2015 will be back this year, and there will be an arcade room this year.  

This page, which is a list of the Electronic Games offerings in the Gen Con event catalog, should give you an idea of the kind of games they'll have on site.


Posted by bith

I read an article that said that the tunnel connecting the convention center to LucasOil would include multiple classic arcade games for 25 cents each.  The article implied that they would be lining hte hallway, but I'm not sure how extensive it will actually be.

Posted by marimaccadmin

There's the arcade room, in 140, which is I think $4 an hour, set on freeplay, and there should be between 10-16 arcade cabinets lining the pedestrian corridor to Lucas Oil, set to coin op.  Bring your quarters!

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by garhkal

Whah..  No gauntlet..  One of the most iconic DND like arcade games out there (or golden axe)???

Posted by rogersba garhkal

garhkal wrote:
Whah..  No gauntlet..  One of the most iconic DND like arcade games out there (or golden axe)???

The ticketed arcade room description says it will have MAME cabinets, so they may have Gauntlet or Golden Axe. They might also have 60-in-1 multicades that might have those games. I know some of the people involved, and I'll pass on your feedback.

Posted by garhkal

Thanks...  I might have to reorg my schedule so i can give it a visit..

Posted by doombunny

Seriously hoping for the D&D arcade game or it's sequel. I lost so many quarters to the first one back in the day. Yeah you can buy it as a download for Xbox or Playstation, but it's just not the same as an arcade cabinet.

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