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When will the maps go live?

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Would think any day now (based of prior years) but could be as late as the last week of July.  I know, not too helpful but you are not the only one, waiting too.  :)

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Which maps are you looking for? 
Exhibit hall:

Indy convention center (click on floor to give a floorplan)

Downtown indy (with hotels listed):

Skywalk map:

Hope these help!

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I know people like to look at the maps as they will appear in the program book, I do too.  But from a purely planning stand point I would say that 95% of the information you need, you actually have or can easily find on the internet.

The exhibit hall map with the location of the booths is already on line, and I must say it is the best implementation we have had in years. 

Your actual booked events all have their location indicated on the ticket and on line (click on your name when signed in).  So you know the location as to the building, specific hotel, or Indiana Convention Center (ICC) and the room.  Even things such as the Saturday dance are listed in the events list with a location.  The location of specific game companies' rooms are also listed in the event listings for events being held there.  If you are uncertain of a specific physical location of say a hotel to another or the ICC the links above work for that, or jut as good - pull up the Google map of the downtown Indy and center it on the ICC and you really have a useful tool.

The only locations you don't really have are things such as the Auction, Cardhalla, and the Registration Booths, which are important, but not events.  


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FYI: That skywalk map posted by bakermouse10133 is hopelessly out of date. So don't use that for planning.

Posted by bakermouse10133

Dreramitdoit do you have one that's current? I would love to update my records.

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The latest Skywalk map on the Visit Indy site is here.

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austicke wrote:
The latest Skywalk map on the Visit Indy site is here.

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The real question is, will they finally fix the orientation so that North is at the top?

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roanders wrote:
The real question is, will they finally fix the orientation of so that North is at the top?

10000 thousand times over...  THIS.

Who the hell orients a map with South pointing upwards?

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The image below contains a map of the Gaming Hall. Unfortunately, I can't find that anywhere on the Gen Con website. Help!

Posted by dreamitdoit

Maybe contact Holy Grail and ask where they got it?

Posted by nialith

That looks a lot like what we usually have in the program books handed out onsite. Just a guess but maybe vendors are provided the map graphic ahead of time for advertising purposes? 

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Has there been any official update anywhere on the maps being released? Last I heard was that they were having some sort of technical problem.

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Not knowing much about web pages (HTML etc.), I assume the Exhibit Hall Map renders without the left side lists (by vendor or by booth) and you only get the floor layout on a small(er) device - like our 8" ASUS ZenPad but you get the whole thing on my Samsung Note 10.1? I would also assume there are no work arounds on this...

In case someone from GenCon reads this, red text on black background may be nice id you are running an dystopian RPG but suck to be able read the link...

My apologies if this was addressed someplace else.

Posted by dreamitdoit

When I looked this on a smaller device at one point, I was getting red text on a black background and I also saw a "Back to Exhibit Hall Map" link that let me access the By Exhibit/By Booth search, but I am not seeing this any more. The red text on black background also seems to have disappeared. Maybe they'll get it working before Wednesday!

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p3ndrag0n wrote:
roanders wrote:
The real question is, will they finally fix the orientation of so that North is at the top?

10000 thousand times over...  THIS.Who the hell orients a map with South pointing upwards?
It's crazy and I've gone over this with them before. The Convention Center maps are oriented so that non map users who walk through the doors can look at the maps from their POV. The Hotel Maps are oriented however the hotel sends them.

You would think a bunch of D&D nerds ;) could figure out a map with North at the top.

Posted by dreamitdoit

This is pretty standard for maps at public buildings like museums and theme parks (similar to convention centers). Most people don't know that they have a compass on their phone and don't know what direction north is when they are indoors. People freaked out at Walt Disney World when they switched the maps for Hollywood Studios to be north-oriented. You saw everyone walking around with their maps upside down trying to read upside down text because the north-oriented map was not oriented to their perspective, with the area they had already traveled through behind them.

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