GenCon entrances, and Will Call
Posted by iceflow19

So its going to be my first time at GenCon.

I saw the Exhibitor Hall map, but couldn't find any other maps of the building or information relating to entrances. Probably going to be parking somewhere southwest of the convention center. Which entrance(s) are closest?

Also when I purchased my badge I selected Will Call. My friends and I won't be making it till Thursday. I saw somewhere else that the kiosks will be open on Wednesday. Will they be open other days? Or do I have to go to registration, etc?

Posted by cptmusket

This page will help you with a layout of the town and potential parking locations:

Finding parking will be difficult to get something really close unless you arrive early.  That being said, the walk isn't bad and the area around the convention center and downtown is nice.

There are entrances all around the building. Capital, South, and Maryland streets have main entrances.  Georgia street will be closed with food trucks though, so you can't drive down it.  Also, there are elevated tube tunnels that lead from the Convention Center to the hotels and the mall.  It's the light blue Skywalk on the parking map.

The kiosks are open each day, and have been 24 hours for a few years now.

Posted by austicke

Last year's maps:

I'm sure this year's will be published soon.

Posted by alans

Will Call opens Weds at Noon and stays open until Sunday at 3pm.  You cannot pick up anything for your friends; they have to do that personally, with ID.

Posted by aaronvsapp

SW is probably the least accessible side of the building. The nearest entrance will be the NW corner.

Posted by selene314

Will Call opens Wednesday and doesn't close until the con ends.

The kiosks are along the eastern part of the northern wall, which has several entrances. The Will-Call line initially goes west, so you should enter at the northwest corner of the building and look for a long, fast-moving line of people. If you see a line before you even get inside the convention center, that's the right one.

You'll need an ID and to know the email address associated with your purchase.

I found this link that appears to be a map poster from a past Gen Con:

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