Exhibit hall map
Posted by lunchsgirl

Does anyone have a smaller version  of the exhibit hall map that I can print out?

Posted by trace_sl

I swear there is a PDF map floating around here somewhere...there it is on the Facebook page: HERE


Posted by dreamitdoit

Hmm that didn't work. Can you check your link or provide a textual explanation for how to get to it?

Posted by austicke

Perhaps she was trying to link to here.

Posted by dreamitdoit

Cool, thanks!

Posted by stormforge

I usually take the .pdf copy online and either print off a color copy of it in 11x17 at work or take it to FexEx Kinkos to get a copy. then I mark with a micro sharpie, all of the booths that I definitely want to hit so I don't miss them. This year's dealer room is massive and it will take two days at least to get through it all depending on the amount of events that you have.

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