What tech do you bring to Gen Con?
Posted by trace_sl

Asked the question on the Gen Con Facebook page but want to show some love here too. 

What tech to you bring to Gen Con?

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Battery Backup Charger
  • Cords for above
  • Rocket Book Wave - this is a notebook you write or draw in and it uses your smart phone to send the information to your cloud services.  What is cool, once the notebook is full, you put it in the microwave and poof, it is erased!   

Posted by divachelle

  • iPhone & cord/block
  • Kindle & cord/block (this is nice for using in lines or if I need to tune out for a few minutes

That's it. I'm contemplating a battery backup deal, but would have to buy one. I've not had too much trouble thus far finding a power source at the Con.

I will be shutting the work email OFF on my phone for sure. Wooot! 

Posted by aaronmlopez

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Dice

Anything else could be construed as an extravagance!! (But I will have my phone, tablet, and a backup charger/cables too)

Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn?

On my person, my phone, for all my texting, calling, browsing, emailing, and scheduling needs.

If it's looking like being a long day, or I forgot to charge it overnight, a battery pack & the all-important cable.

Only if I really needed it* would I take my tablet; It might be light, but I can't fit it in a pocket, which means I need a bag, which increases the odds of forgetting it or damaging it, which I'd rather not risk.

* If I were running a game, for example 

Posted by armadilloal

Phone, with portable charger (wall charger will remain in room) - my old phone could easily go without the portable charger due to having the largest battery known to man, but I just got a new one this week, and early reports indicate I won't be as lucky this time.

I'll also have my Kindle for reading in any downtime/lines, but no charger necessary for that one, since it goes for weeks on a charge.

That's it for me - I'll be too busy seeing all the sites (and the sights!) to worry about tech. 

Posted by garhkal

I've started bringing a tablet with all the Star wars books in PDF rather than bringing several books, as its often lighter.
Also, since our group has a bunch of house rules, FAQs and fan created stats for stuff that players have asked for, our 'GMING handbook' at last update, was 263 pages.  So rather than going through the bull of printing out and replacing all sections that got updated each year, i just keep it in Word doc format on that tablet.

Posted by jedikitty

  • iPod for misc things + its charger
  • 3DS XL +  its charger
  • Fitbit

I believe that's it!

Posted by brotherbock

Definitely cell phone battery chargers. They're small enough to carry several. 

I've got a four inch camera drone I've considered bringing for some aerial footage, but it's a bit hard to control indoors :) 

Posted by gennataos

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple watch
  • Apple whore t-shirt...?

Posted by divachelle gennataos

gennataos wrote:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple watch
  • Apple whore t-shirt...?

BWAHAHAAHAAAAAA! Wear it like you stole it.

Posted by chilepepper

I do most of my teching on my iPhone. 
I bring my iPad in case there's a meltdown at my work (I can remote into my desk computer from it) and in case I get a hankering to play Pathfinder because it has all my books on it. 
In previous years, I had a power strip full of USB plugs so everyone in my group could charge their phones and we still had room if a few random people were looking for an open plug.  This year I'm upgrading to a battery pack with enough juice to fully charge my group's phones (which I'm sure we'll need thanks to Pokemon Go). 
And I bring my laptop, but usually leave it at the hotel. 
I have a FitBit this year to track my steps more accurately.

Posted by bpunkert

Blackberry Classic
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 "tablet" (PDFs of books)
Battery Pack
16 MP digital camera

Posted by mattaui jedikitty

jedikitty wrote:

  • iPod for misc things + its charger
  • 3DS XL +  its charger
  • Fitbit

I believe that's it!

Always love bringing my 3DS to cons, since so many games make use of StreetPass. And I can play some 'real' Pokemon on it!

Posted by aaronvsapp

That's it. 
Too much is going on to need lots of reading material or other filler. 
Very rarely do I feel the need to check a rule book during a con game. 

Posted by psimon

iPad Pro & Pencil, and the small MacBook.

Also, the TripMate Elite battery/hub/router. Smaller than your phone and wicked useful.

GE grounded 3-outlet tap - best $3 I've ever spent for my tech.

Also so for the MacBook the Satechi type C 3in1 dock thingy; also tiny, but let's me plug a bunch of stuff in at once. 

Jawbone minijambox.  You know, for music. 

Now now I wish I had a minidrone lol

Posted by tdb

During the day I just carry my smartphone, a cable, and a battery.

I'm local, so I'm sleeping at home, and the chargers for the battery and phone stay there.  If I were travelling to the con I would bring those, of course.  I'd probably also bring an MP3 player for the flight or drive if I had to travel to get to Indy, but it would stay in my room during the con.  Gencon is more entertaining than any gizmo I could bring along.

I don't know what the rules for drones are in the ICC, or in the hotels, but I wouldn't be surprised if the powers that be took a pretty hard line on them for liability reasons. 

Posted by psimon

I'm sure drones would be looked on unfavorably, and not without reason. I definitely won't have one but still, kinda cool. 

Posted by varelseshrike

Phone, Rapid Charge Plug / Cable, external Battery. That's it. I try to go lite. 

Posted by brotherbock psimon

psimon wrote:
I'm sure drones would be looked on unfavorably, and not without reason. I definitely won't have one but still, kinda cool. 

Agreed. Absolutely no one would get hurt by getting hit with the one I have (4" across), but someone would undoubtedly raise hell all the same. Nope, it's staying grounded. 

Posted by soulcatcher78

Phone and back up battery.  Kindle for downtime reading.

I've considered bringing an ipad since I have all my 7th Sea stuff on it but since I've only got one game that'll require it I'm not sure it's worth the effort.

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