Artist Alley on Sunday?
Posted by minhbinhchau

I was just wondering if artists generally stay all the way through Sunday. I usually go with my family every year on the Family Pass for Sunday and really wanted to get cards signed by Eric Deschamps this year (my first time getting cards signed by an artist). Just thought I would ask if anyone knew whether artists typically stay the full weekend or only on the heavily trafficked days.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by marimaccadmin

Everyone in the Exhibit Hall is required to stay every day, barring extreme emergency, or I've seen them leave when completely out of merchandise.  So yes, they will be there all 4 days.  Every day is a heavily trafficked day.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by minhbinhchau

Thank you for answering! You are right. Every day is heavily attended. I should have phrased differently.

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