Packing Games for Flight
Posted by p3ndrag0n

Any tips?

I'll be bringing several games for trade and sale,  and will be bringing some games home.  Flying Southwest so additional bags are no issue.  I'm thinking using some hard shell luggage I have to help with weight on top or under my bags,   but wondering how I should pack the interior.

Anybody with any experience traveling with games on a plane?


Posted by roundtop

Step 1: put each game in a grocery bag (Plastic)
Step 2: Put all games in a garbage bag stacked/arrayed nicely.
Step 3: Make a bed of socks on the bottom of the suitcase (Where the handle tunnels run)
Step 5: Place games on the bed.
Step 6: Add a blanket over the top. By this I mean sweat pants, sweater, hoodie, or if you have to t-shirts.
Step 7: Add bumpers around the sides - Rolled up T-shirts are great for this.
Step 8: Build it up. Add stuff on top until you are touching to top of the suitecase. Not enough to crush, but keep some pressure on the games to prevent them moving.

This will prevent the games from scratching each other up, things outside the games from scratching them, prevent it being damaged when thrown around in luggage.

Step 1 and 2 can be replaced with the following if needed: Step 1 is t-shirt, Step 2 is hoodie/sweatshirt. If you do this, skip step 6.

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