Hotel rooms transferred?
Posted by rayken

Does anyone know when the hotel rooms transfer over? 

Posted by mrshiny

The Omni and Crowne Plaza got theirs at least.

Posted by dreamitdoit

Pretty sure it's happened at all the hotels at this point.

Posted by maijstral2

Yep, Sheraton has already put a hold on my credit card for one nights stay. Check your credit card on record and see if they have charged it or, in my case, just put a hold on for one nights stay that's less obvious.

Posted by boc_mage

Got my confirmation email from Embassy!

Posted by doombunny

We had no holds or anything so we called the hotel and they said everything was fine. So hopefully that's true.
Apparently the Holiday Inn doesn't charge until you check in.

Posted by dreamitdoit

Apparently Le Meridien doesn't charge until check-in day. I think I'd almost rather they did take some of my money so that I know nothing bad happens when I arrive, but over the phone they said everything was all set.

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