Gen Con Bingo
Posted by nikki

So I've seen it mentioned several times on the forum about people playing Gen Con Bingo.  Does anyone have a sample board that they could share?  Or what all the spaces are named?  My friends and I are intrigued and would like to try and play this year.  Thanks!

Posted by helenbb

I found 2 samples with a quick Google Search.

Just print out the image and give it to everyone in your group. Play is obviously on the honor system, or you can make people take pictures of things too. At the end of the con you can see who got the most items.

Posted by nikki

Thank you very much.  Sadly, it seemed like such a specialized thing the idea of looking on Google never even crossed my mind.  I appreciate your time and effort.

Posted by repto

WE should make this a real thing! I think this would add an extra layer of goofiness to the Con.

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