Entering the ICC through Lucas Stadium?
Posted by qwaserity


With the weather being hot and/or wet I was wondering is one of the locals can answer the following:

Can you get into the Convention Center from Lucas Stadium? I haven't seen the additions/connector between the two and every step inside is one less step out of the heat and rain. My parking is closer to the Stadium than the Center.

Posted by sstalker23

Yes there is a tunnel between the stadium & the convention center

The skywalk map can be found here.

Posted by keithbradburn

You may not be able to actually get into the stadium itself.  The event level rooms, that Gen Con will be using, can be closed off from the rest of the stadium. The program does not really make it clear if you can or not.

Posted by qwaserity

We're coming up from the south so I was hoping to get into a southern door rather than go all the way to the closest entrance at Maryland and West (by the baseball field). I might just drop off my friends first.

Posted by keithbradburn

At the corner of Capital Ave. and South St., directly across from Gate One of LOS, is where the connector starts.  There are escalators that go under gound and the walk way that goes up to the ICC.  Hopefully the picture helps.  The Connector Building is on the right of the image.

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