Convention center maps from book PDF ripped for download
Posted by donaldbain

I took the maps from the book PDF

These are small, if anyone wants a larger size, drop a note here.

Posted by austicke

You rock!

Posted by budfox

Nicely Done!!!

Posted by vectorlit

Donald, you're awesome. If you have a slightly larger size, I'd love it :D

edit: Also, for anyone who represents Gen Con, it's also a bit hard to read some of these, if you have a version with fewer compression artifacts we'd all love to have a copy. (I do recognize it's hard to get the size of a PDF down, so not chiding you there).

Posted by aldctjoc

So I did all that work myself when all I had to do was wait for you?? ;)

Kidding! Thanks for sharing the files.

As an aside: For some reason, the program book seems to load faster on my iPad this year. Maybe I won't need to rely on any individually ripped files. 

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