Swag Bag / Coupon Book pickup
Posted by bdonihue

I've looked and even emailed customer service, but I couldn't find the answer. 

What at are the hours for the swag bag/coupon book pickup booth? Specifically for Thursday and Friday?



Posted by ckell

24 hours a day Wed afternoon through Sunday till 3pm

Posted by bdonihue

Thank you, I thought that was only will call/events. Last year the coupon book booth closed at night. Did that change this year?

Posted by mistysix

Where do we pick that stuff up? At Will Call?

Posted by bdonihue

There has been a booth specifically labeled for those on the opposite of event registration from Will Call. I guess my question still stands. I understand Will Call is now open 24hrs, but is that booth as well?

Posted by britbrit

Will call is open 24 hours and the bag booth I think is supposed to be but instead is open while supplies last.

They tended to run out of bags each day so would close down until restocked the next day. 

Posted by bdonihue

Ok. Thanks.

Posted by shelleg

Posted by shelleg

Near rm 102 past will call, customer service  and event registration.

Posted by daringdragoon

Just coupon books this year. 

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