ICC Expansion and new Hotels front page stories!
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When the Indianapolis Star and the Indiana Business Journal feature front page stories about the lack of hotel room and a possible expansion of the ICC will that usually has meant the fix was in. The IBJ story was about the state of hotel room inventory and how over the years it has taken some major hits. Basically it was "we need more rooms and more hotels. The Indpls Star below the fold front page story was that Visit Indy was going commission a study to see if the ICC need to be expansion and how to it. They will be talking to all the stakeholder and should have it out by the end of the year. It has to be done by December so that any proposals for funding can be taken to the Statehouse for the new Legislature and possible new Governor. If they can pass funding in 2017 they will be knocking stuff down for next Gen Con for the expansion and also any new hotels. Yea we move that quick. Sorry I not posting the URL's they have a pay wall up so can't get to the stories.

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Oh. The pay wall for the Indy Star at least lets infrequent visitors in if they're under a certain number of visits. Anyway, link: 

I completely missed the IBJ story; thanks for that.

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You have to be a subscriber to get the star stories most of the time so that why I didn't post it an the IBJ is a crap shot if your going to get the text of their stories. The city wants another Super Bowl bad, and a ICC expansion and Hotels would make possible they feel. Like the other expansions this is how it starts, 1st the study.....

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Here's the IBJ link: http://www.ibj.com/articles/59868-gen-con-wants-more-lodging-options-in-indy-to-fuel-growth

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Or this one: http://www.ibj.com/articles/60025-city-studies-need-for-more-hotels-after-losing-1000-rooms

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You can get around the paywall limits by using privacy/incognito mode in your browser. They can't count your number of articles without being able to use cookies.

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Here's a story about it from Channel 4 news.


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