Getting Ahead of Myself (Gen Con 2017 Key dates)
Posted by ahorsewithnoname

Does anyone know when the badge, housing and event reg dates will be posted for next year. I like to get started on planning as soon as possible.

Also Gen Con for you Key Dates, in the future, can you add when we will know the Key Dates for the next year! ;) 

Posted by austicke

I don't believe many dates have been announced yet, but here's the short post I share on the Gen Con Indy Facebook group (and update as dates become available).

*** Gen Con 2017 Key Dates ***

Gen Con is Thursday, August 17 through Sunday, August 20.

Badge registration begins on TBD. (Last year was Friday, January 22 at noon ET.)

Housing block (hotel) reservations begin on TBD. (Last year was Sunday, January 24 at noon ET.)

Event registration begins on TBD. (Last year was Sunday, May 15 at noon ET. The event catalog was released on Friday, May 6 at noon ET.)

Pre-registration ends on TBD. (Last year was Sunday, June 19 at 11:59pm ET.)

See for details.

Posted by nascragman

When does event submission open?

Posted by parody

According to the sidebar visible on this page (unless you're hiding it with user styles... ;)

Badge Pre-Registration - January 29
Event Registration - May 28
Event Submission - January 22

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