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Posted by mhayward1978 marimaccadmin

I don't understand your post.  Is GenCon hiring an IT director?

The link takes me to a list of all IT director jobs on glassdoor?

Posted by austicke mhayward1978

mhayward1978 wrote:
I don't understand your post.  Is GenCon hiring an IT director?The link takes me to a list of all IT director jobs on glassdoor?

Yes, Gen Con is on the list.

Posted by parody

She meant this one:,30_KE31,38.htm?jl=1706365704

Posted by mhayward1978 parody

If you want to hire quality IT people in Seattle, you are going to have to pay Market rate:,7_IM781_KO8,18.htm

Not 50-66% of market rate.

No wonder GenCon is having a hard time on technology.  They should take the money they are flushing down the tubes with this boondoggle reinventing the forum wheel, apply it to an actual IT manager salary.  That manager could then select and deploy an appropriate off the shelf forum solution.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Your concern has been noted mhayward.  You don't need to keep repeating yourself, thanks.  It's not going to make any more of an impression.

Posted by daveculp braewe

braewe wrote:
I wouldn't gripe about these nearly so much if I could just keep using the other ones to at least contact people. Yes, I have a dozen other complaints about these forums.
1) Cannot contact people via the forums itself
2) Cannot list unread posts
3) Don't see a way to put in tags
4) Can't stay logged in
5) No faces to names
6) No group forums
7) No way to email people
8) I have an older computer, and the other forums worked just fine on my little itty bitty vista computer. These do not work at all. Yes, this one is minor, but just sayin
9) There was a way there to hop to last unread in a post don't see it here. And yes, that is different than just having a list of posts that contain unread postings.
1) It's on the site itself.

#2 is one of the biggest drawbacks.  In a fast moving and large thread espcially one in which you have not viewed for awhile it can be difficult or time-consuming to figure out where yoiu left off. 

Posted by watchdog

For me, the most frustrating part of the new forums isn't the lack of current features so much as the lack of any kind of timetable on when those features will be available.  

Posted by parody

It's hard to get estimates when there's nobody in the position that would normally choose what to focus on and gather those estimates. :(

Posted by truelink

Thanks for adding avatars to the forum.

Posted by bubba_ho-tep

Not a fan of the new forums, they no longer hold any real appeal for me.

Posted by austicke truelink

truelink wrote:
Thanks for adding avatars to the forum.

I have a face! :O

Posted by garhkal

I see the avatars are bac, but they seem randomly put up..

Posted by braewe

You can change yours though!!! i have mine back!! Now to get the unread list and pm's...

Posted by marimaccadmin

Glad you guys noticed, and I hope you like the avatars.  And yes, as many of you have discovered, you can change them. You are randomly assigned an initial one, and you can change it in your profile to one of "ours", or upload a new one.    Yes, an unread list and PMs are now high on the list.

Posted by garhkal

Yay.  Got my Wolf smashing a stormie pic back up!!

Posted by nialith

Sadly, you can't do .gif's like you could on the last forums. On the bright side, my avatar won't continously get his butt kicked by that ball now.

Posted by parody

Heh. I always block the overly animated ones.

Posted by vickers1

Hurray for avatars! (Take that James Cameron!)

Posted by helenbb

Glad to have an avatar!

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