Posted by technoir

So last year new VIGs were accepted until the end of Jan and then choosen. I see they already went live this year? 
So can I sign up to be considered for next year?

Posted by hawkeye

Don't know if they will do that, but usually they have a waiting list in case someone has to cancel. you could try emailing [email protected] to ask.

Posted by big12cowboys

Signing up for the 2016 lottery began in December 2015.

Posted by hawkeye

I think he was asking about 2017.

Posted by technoir

2017 indeed

Posted by austicke

Gen Con stated following: "Please feel free to apply [for VIG] next year. We will be taking selections after Gen Con 2016 for the 2017 show. Email [email protected] in December of this year or early January 2017 to be put on the list!"

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