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Immediately after I booked my hotel room through the housing portal my credit cards received fraudulent charges from 2 different states.  I know it is from this housing process as I have not used the card anywhere else.  GEN CON needs to look into this IMMEDIATELY.  Housing requires a credit card to book a room and my card numbers were stolen and it occurred les than 5 minutes after I booked the rooms.  Check you bank statements and cards statement to make sure you have not been tagged.

Posted by kjelstad

Nothing here and I booked 2½ hours ago.

Posted by kmcdermott1

Hopefully this is an isolated incident but I just wanted to warn folks in case there was a whole in security. I posted in the Facebook page and here to warn people so they don't lose any money. 

Posted by jcirillo1971

You said your Credit CARDS received fraudulent charges.   How did you use multiple cards to book your hotel room?

Posted by kmcdermott1

Because you can book more than one room if you have the proper number of badges.  

Posted by marimaccadmin

I want to assure you that Gen Con looked thorougly into this, and found no evidence of any issues on their site.  I can tell you that attendee credit card data is securely stored in the Lanyon Passkey servers, Passkey's servers are Level 1PCI certified, Credit cards are not pre-authorized or charged upon booking a reservation, and credit card commerce isn't initiated until someone cancels a reservation.

As such, and after reviewing the records, there's no issues on Gen Con's end.  If I were you, I'd have strong concerns of your comptuer or your network being compromised, and I'd urge you to check on that ASAP.


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I have checked and verified it was not my system ( I am an I.T  profesdional and work in the infrastructure security field) also spoke with my credit card company and they confirmed it was attempted charges made online.  I will follow up with them.  Many thanks for checking.  Just wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else.

Posted by kmcdermott1

As a point of note, I did make a reservation and had to make an adjustment and modifed it which could be where the card info hit a transaction server.  I'll follow up with my bank and credit card company.

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Thanks for the warning. Checked my account to make sure nothing amiss. Looks ok at the moment. Better safe than sorry though.

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citizenluke wrote:
Thanks for the warning. Checked my account to make sure nothing amiss. Looks ok at the moment. Better safe than sorry though.

Same here.  A few years back i had 2 fraudulent transactions attempted on my card, but cause of a 'fraud watch' it got caught, my account got hold up, and i got a new card issued, to ensure it didn't happen again.  The ONLY down side i had to it (as i use cash when ever possible) is that since the whole issue started just Prior to Origins, when i went in to turn over my purchased badge, since i got commped a GM badge (standard practice) there was an issue with refunding me, all cause of that issue with the card..

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