A KFG member has passed
Posted by bad_karma

Anyone who has played KFG games on Wednesday for the past several years may remember Ben Willkins (Chewie to his friends, Phreak here on the boards). The last 3 years he has been battling cancer. That fight ended the afternoon of the 29th. He attended exactly 10 Gencons and the KFG games became the highlight of the experience. 

He will be missed.

Posted by watchdog

Very sorry for your loss.  One of the best parts about gaming is the friendships you can make.  Thoughts go to both his relatives and gaming family.

And cancer sucks.

Posted by kfgdraven

Aw man, that's terrible. So sorry to hear this.

Posted by braewe

Cancer sucks. He will be missed.

Posted by brotherbock

Bumped into him briefly one year at KFG Wed, if I'm thinking of the right guy.

Very sorry for the loss to his friends and family.

Posted by bubba_ho-tep

Cancer definately sucks, I am sorry to hear that.  Please pass my condolences on to his family.

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