Indy Star Story on Convention and Tourism in the City
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Most of you should be able to read this since everyone get a number of free articles from the Indystar.

Now it does not directly mention Gen Con but it does discuss the business the city does to get shows like it Gen Con. At the bottom of the story is an interactive graphic of the ICC since it's opening in 1972. The Gen Con Seniors toured the ICC while the 2000 version was being worked on so many have seen three phases of the ICC.

Why did they write this story? Like the pervious expansion there was a major PR outreach to the taxpayers on why we needed to expand the ICC. This is one of those stories. An imformal committee is out there working on the project. Next Visit Indy contract a Market Study on if we should build it. Then a call for plans , and then aquiring the land if the ICC does not already own it. After a major Hotel will annouce a new construction and etc etc etc.

On rails boys and girls on rails. We have a democrat mayor and this promises lots and lots of union jobs. Not saying it will happen this way but it did for the 2000, and for 2011 expansion.


Posted by rutherfordr

They should tear down the parking garage across the street from the convention center and either expand the ICC, or build 2 more hotels on that spot.

Either that, or figure out a way to expand across/over/through the railroad tracks just to the south of the ICC, and build in that direction.

Or both!

Posted by keithbradburn

There was an article from IBJ last year that was posted about Expansion and where they might go with it. Actually, GCK I think you posted it.

Posted by steven_hunter genconkeeper

genconkeeper wrote:
[the article] does not directly mention Gen Con

Yes it does.
One of the biggest gut checks came when GenCon, the country's largest tabletop gaming convention with more than 61,000 attendees last year, was considering leaving Indy when its contract ran out in 2010.

“GenCon is a perfect example of: If you build it, they will stay,” said Chris Gahl, Visit Indy’s vice president of marketing and communications. “We were in jeopardy of losing conventions, because they were literally outgrowing Indianapolis."

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