Artists' Alley and Authors' Avenue - decentralized payment for both?
Posted by jaywhyewe

I just saw the Gen Con statment that Authors' Avenue will allow individual vendors to accept payment this year. From my perspective, this is GREAT NEWS for expo hall customers! I've waited in the long payment line in years past and am looking forward to the new system.

I am wondering if this type of decentralized payment will also apply to the indie artists in Artists' Alley. 

FYI, Here's the quote from the Exhibit tab on the Gen Con website regarding Authors' Avenue (directed at potential vendors):

Authors' Avenue has gone through some changes for 2016. Gen Con will no longer manage a central cashier for sales, you are now in complete control and can work directly with attendees to process your sales. This means you will now need to have an Indiana State tax license in order to sell in Authors' Avenue.

Posted by marimaccadmin

My understanding is they will be the same as author's.

Posted by njseahawksfan marimaccadmin

marimaccadmin wrote:
My understanding is they will be the same as author's.
GREAT NEWS!  I have been really frustrated by the loooong waits in the artists central cashier over the past few years.  Nice to see another example of GenCon listening to the attendees suggestions!

Posted by rutherfordr

Excellent! I've avoided buying anything in the Artist's Alley for years, because the line to check out was just too slow.

I don't know why, but the people manning the cash registers seemed to be new to the whole "credit card" thing, and it took them forever just to charge your purchase.

Posted by citizenluke

Great news. I have decided to buy something multiple times in the artists' alley and then saw the line and changed my mind.

This will be good for the artists... bad for my wallet. ;)

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