Is Games Workshop a no show?
Posted by choriqueso

I don't see GW on the list. Forgeworld is on there though. Would suck if they didn't make an appearance.

Posted by roundtop

They never make much of an appearance outside their own events/stores.

Here is a write-up from 2014 lamenting the state their attendance at GC is like:

Since forgeworld is listed, they will likely share the booth, with FW being the primary focus (and the convention coming out of the FW budget).

Sucks, but GW likes to do their own thing. Same as Wizards.

Posted by genconkeeper

I think the 2014 GW was the local GW store not the company. Back in the day the Games Workshop booth was a monster. I watched them one time roll of the already prepped racks in to their booth and take merch on to the table. Took them a couple hours to set up a huge island booth. It was amazing.


Posted by cerealkiller195

Since i've been going to gencon the most of i've seen out of anything GW is mainly from second hand sellers or people running tournaments but no real official presence since the last 2-3 years they started putting up FW booths and a small booth. Have they sold anything exclusive at gencon?

Posted by xanathon

It still amazes me that they think they are so elitist that they would pass up an opportunity to display their miniatures and at least make the attempt to recruit new players to their games.

Posted by choriqueso

Yea... with companies like Wyrd and Privateer Press taking multiple booths, how much longer do they(GW) think they can be on top without making themselves relevant in the gaming community. Shitty...

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