Kids/Children and buying a Badge/Event Registration
Posted by barbasol

So finally getting around to buying a badge for my son who's 13. When I go to buy a badge from my account, it asks for his email. Or I can put "don't know" and enter First/Last Name.

My question is what is the best/correct way to do it? 

If I just put in his Name will I be able to register him for events?

If I put in his email does he then have to register his own account? That seems sort of overkill for young children. But I could do that.

Thanks for any pointers!


Posted by jmsetzer

I'd like to know this as well. A friend if mine is brining his two young daughters to GEN CON for the first time and they don't have email accounts because, well, what does a 10-year old need with an email account? :-)

Posted by bigfathairyguy

My kids are not registered with an email. If I could redo it I would register them with an email. Biggest issue with not using an email is only you can register them for stuff. The issue I have had come up is that a friend of mine and his kid want to attend an event with me and my kid one person can't register all the tickets so we both have to wishlist for ourselves and our own kid. There may be a way around that but I haven't found one so far.

Posted by jmsetzer

So franknbeans, you were able to buy badges without filling in an email address? Or did you just use yours?


Posted by barbasol

Yesterday I emailed customer service and got a quick response:
Yes, using the don't know option and then enter their name and "Find". It creates a dummy account you can purchase on."

So it sounds like an email isn't required for badge/event registration.

But I am going with a larger group and may want other friends to be able to schedule events for us, so I will probably enter an email for my kid as franknbeans points out. Thanks.

Posted by nikki

I had trouble claiming my badges for the kiddos last year.  I entered one of my extra emails for them (so we could all register for events as mentioned above) and it became very useful as the email was one way to prove that they were who they said they were without an ID.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Right, you can register kids without an email, though, it would be best to make them a dummy email at least to use.  For instance, with gmail, you can make multiple emails addresses like this:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected],

All those emails will go to [email protected].

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