Gen Con noob information websites, please.
Posted by qwaserity

Hello one and all.

I'm bringing some friends to GenCon for their first year. I'm a veteran of gaming conventions but I'm looking for websites that have advice for new convention attendees. (Contrary to popular belief, even old dogs can learn some new tricks...)

I don't want everyone to write paragraph after paragraph of information; I'm looking for links to websites/blogs/etc. from folks offering advice so my friends can peruse that information in their spare time.

Posted by suburbaknght

It's a bit out of date, but Sean K. Reynolds' advice for Gen Con is still some of the best I've ever seen in one place.

Posted by helenbb

There's not so much GenCon activity (although there is a little) but the Friends of Comic Con site is great for advice on attending pop culture conventions in general.

Posted by austicke

It's a regular topic of conversation on the Gen Con Indy Facebook group.

Posted by zaphod

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