Looking for women who play D&D to participate in some research
Posted by brotherbock

Serious question, what about trans women gamers? 

Posted by badwolf308

I am totally willing to talk to any woman-identifying players, both trans and cis. ☺️

Posted by ellis1138

I've been doing RPGs since the 80s, but it looks like you've already got a lot of responses. :)

Posted by brotherbock badwolf308

badwolf308 wrote:
I am totally willing to talk to any woman-identifying players, both trans and cis. ☺️

Cool, wasn't sure what sort of parameters you were selecting for. I've got a friend with a lot of connections, I'll let her know about this. 

Posted by m-evans

badwolf308 have you tried to send emails to people yet? I haven't received anything from you and I wanted to make sure my spam filter didn't eat your email if you had sent one.

Posted by badwolf308

I have not sent out emails yet. I've been kind of waiting because there's still a pretty steady stream of responses. 

I'll post on here as soon as I send out an email. I expect it will be before this Friday. 

Thank you you all so much for this awesome response. I can't wait to hear about your experiences. 

Posted by brotherbock

Other question: just D&D, or any tabletop rpg? 

Posted by badwolf308

I'd like to focus primarily on D&D and Pathfinder to ensure quality data. :)

Posted by nikki

If you still need more women, I'd be happy to help.  nikkisilver8 @ gmail.com

Posted by althea

Willing to participate, contact vstar109 at gmail

Posted by tlizerz

I'm game! e.b.lees16 @ gmail

Posted by valentinew1

I started playing D&D back in 1983-84, & I've played several different RPGs, & I'm now married to someone in the industry.  I'm willing to give you an hour, if you'd like.

[email protected]

Posted by bpunkert

I've been playing D&D for about 10-12 years now I guess. (3, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, a little 5) including the Living Greyhawk, Living Forgotten Realms, Encounters, and a teeny smudge of Adventurer's League.

I also play some Pathfinder (Society Play, mostly).

I started late. My male friends in high school didn't want a girl in their gaming group (I think they were just a little weirded out by the idea) so I didn't start until my mid-late twenties.

If you're still looking for folks, try pinging me on Paizo (Shadowsinger)

Posted by powerpuffblue

I may be interested too! You could email me at [email protected]. I play DnD 5th ed and I'm the only woman in my group. Not sure if it matters re: your inclusion criteria, but I'm Canadian. 

Posted by badwolf308

Hello again, everyone. I'm still looking for a few more participants. If you're interested, email me at rachel.just at umconnect.umt.edu. 

Hope everyone one is having a great con! 

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