Wishlist and cart are empty
Posted by selvune

I processed my wishlist this afternoon and everything said it was processed.  I just went in to move the wishlist to my cart and it says it is empty.  Is there a way someone can look into this and see what happened?  i just tried adding several of the evnets to my wishlist and they are now booked.

Posted by ellindsey

How long did you wait?  Events timeout from your cart after 2 hours of inactivity.

Posted by marimaccadmin

I can see that you purchased 9 tickets to several events, if that helps.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by aaronmlopez

My first wish list/cart also disappeared. I had to make a new one. Thankfully, there was room in all but one of the seminars I wanted to attend, but all the RPGs were sold out. One of my friends who is going with me had the same thing happen to him. Not too big of a deal except that some of the games I wanted to play only have a few events at the Convention and those were sold  out. (Firefly RPG, Numenera RPG). 

How do I add "Hope someone doesn't show up for one of these two events" to my wish list now??


Posted by selvune

I believe elliindsey is right, my cart timed out.  I saw I was almost 7000 in queue so I ran some errands and when I came back, it said everything processed and I could click to move to my cart.  Since it was over 2 hours, they were gone.  I have since registered for everything.  The only disappointment was that one session was completely full and then for another session, there was only 1 spot still open.  Lesson learned here, don't run errands when you are in queue and something has a time out clock.

Posted by m34t p0pcicle

Would have liked to do Numenera as well.  Unfortunate how quickly all these things disappear.  

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