Heroes of the Storm Tournament Fri 1pm LFG
Posted by powers209

EGM1697785 Heroes of the Storm 5v5 Single Elimination Tournament 

 I picked up a ticket for this tournament. I am looking for a group. I was hoping we could get in a few games before Gencon. Just to give the group a chance to work together.

  If you haven't gotten a ticket and are looking for something fun to do for a couple of hours. Please join me. It's only $10 and should be a blast.  I'll be posting this request up on as many forums as I can to build the team. 

Posted by crystalphoenix9

Figured I'd wait a few days before checking the forum. I signed up for all 3hots and Overwatch tournaments. Willing to practice with anyone. I'm at work now but I'll look threw the rest of the posts once I'm home and see if there's any others out there.

Posted by crystalphoenix9

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