Good events for newcomers?
Posted by jishosan

I'm an avid RPGer, mostly D&D but I've played a ton of systems. I also play in a board game group every Saturday, so I love board games, especially Euro-style. My son plays D&D and board games, along with Magic. We're both into anime. I also like to write fiction, screenplays, and practice world building. 

All that said, what are some good events to try to get into? I realize so many things are already sold out (which is almost ridiculous, but is what it is), but don't let that stop you from recommending it. Who knows what might happen or what might open!

Let me know. 

Posted by mhayward1978

True Dungeon is an event many people really like that is deeply associated with GenCon - you may be able to find someone with a few slots open at the True Dungeon forums at  Here is a video describing it:

The company that runs the Magic the Gathering events got their events in late, as a result they haven't been posted yet, which means when they are posted you'll have the same to get into them as everyone else.  They will have a variety of typical magic tournament events, but usually they have a handful of special / wacky events like tournaments that have special rules for each round, bounty tournaments with magic pros, low pressure "celebration" tournaments where everyone is guaranteed some prizes, etc.

There are certainly Anime movies, and seminars on writing.

I generally find RPGs are a better bet at GenCon than boardgames - but that could just be my experience.

Posted by brotherbock

 How old is your son? 

If you like role-playing as in playing a character, let me quickly plug my group, BYOV. We run live action role playing games, and we love people new to the format. Think of improv theater with goals. :) 

You can do an event search for keyword BYOV. If we're sold out, get in touch with us anyway of you're interested. 

Posted by rbree

There should be some new Ubiquity games coming into the system soon.   Ubiquity it the system best know for Hollow Earth Expeditions.  It's  fun easy to pick up RPG system with a pulp theme.   Lots of fun try with your son.  

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