PFS Scottys Brewpub
Posted by jfrazier12

So how does someone get invited to some of the PFS games being hosted there? 

Posted by adcjones

Hmmm...there are no "invites," unless there is an exclusive, non-ticketed, non-sanctioned game occurring.

Are you referring to something in particular?

Posted by marimaccadmin

You might mean the Wednesday KFG gaming?

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by jfrazier12

My friends and I are fans of Pathfinder and ate many times at Scottys.  In one of the back rooms we always saw games going on but never knew how to get in one. 

Posted by parody

Did you try asking them?  I know many of the PFS volunteers hang out there when they aren't running games; they might just be playing some things.

Addition: It appears that the Indianapolis folks organize some events there on Wednesday (Warhorn signup).

Posted by kfgdraven

The Kentucky Fried Gamers generally share some space with the PFS folks at Scotty's on Wednesdays, but we're two different groups. One is redneck, the other is not, unfortunately. I'd check warhorn to see if there are signups.

Posted by brinesbane

Here is the link to the general announcement for PFS gaming at Scotty's

Since this is outside of Gen Con the local VL and VC of Indy do set up for the Wednesday gaming at Scottys 

Posted by brinesbane

Here is the link for signing up on the Warhorn site.  Cheers!!         Happy gaming!

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