Poisons in Gaming
Posted by abazzu

Fellow Gamers!
If you are looking for a free event before lunch on Friday (11am), consider attending Save or Die: Poisons in Gaming seminar (SEM1691436).  It would be great to have a diverse group of interests there.  I will provide a generic framework for categorizing and describing poison effects that you can translate into your own game mechanics.  Then, a more in-depth discussion about a few toxins both primitive and modern.  Finally, some potential non-traditional uses of magic to counter/augment poisons.  Thanks-looking forward to seeing you there!
Michael Beuhler, MD

Posted by rebornchaos

I  found your event a few weeks ago and told my friend who is also going to Gen Con. 

We can't wait, the entire premise of this seminar seems fascinating. 

See you then! 

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