Questions on Greenemyst Empty Epsilon
Posted by patellis15

I tried e-mailing the contact person via the event description, but it bounced....

I'm looking for more details on the different Empty Epsilon events:


I've done Artemis the last 3 years.  All most all the events were great.  However, one event last year caught us off guard.  There was  a GM playing the role of the NPC's.  It's not that he did a bad job, it's more than none of us had any idea that it was going to be different than flying our ship, and following the rules for the scenario.  We really didn't enjoy it as much.  Perhaps some thought it was the best!

I'm just trying to understand if we should expect significant differences (beyond just ship class, or type of mission) from these different events.


Pat E

Posted by volgclawtooth

My sincerest apologies. I quite literally just discovered this post Con.  The event names were just different ship names. we got slotted in too late to have custom missions designed in time. we intend to have some for 2017, however they will not be in the form with he live GM in the bay playing NPCs. The goal being to have robust scripted missions with some solution options.

Also not sure why the email would have bounced as I did receive a few queries via email.. 

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