Alternia - Tabletop Hybrid RPG - Looking for Thursday and Sunday Players
Posted by nathagaraba

Greetings everyone.  I apologize in advance if this is the incorrect location to post information about my event.

Simply put, I am seeking players for my Thursday and Saturday noon sessions of open beta Alternia.  I'm having a hard time getting the word out and thus far have only filled one of my three days (Friday) and am looking for players to help this campaign unfold.  The actions of the PC's in these game sessions will shape future world history so I'm pretty excited to try and get full groups together. 

Is there anyone available for the following days/times to play?

Event Names: The Search for the Solstone (Part I & III)
URLs: (Thu @ Noon-4PM), (Sat @ Noon-4PM)
Ticket Price: $6

Event Description: The Solstone. A legendary artifact with the power to build and destroy empires. Though none have beheld The Solstone for centuries, strange and vast energy surges from beneath the Deeptunnel Mines has lured more than one faction to seek the source of this power. Could it be the Solstone? What happens next will surely alter future history.

Thanks so much!

-Archon Nathagaraba

Posted by nathagaraba

Still no new entries.  Is this the correct forum for this?

Posted by urielblue

Do you have links to campaign/game info? that might help get folks interested.

Posted by derekguder nathagaraba

nathagaraba wrote:
Still no new entries.  Is this the correct forum for this?

This is the correct forum, but I would certainly not recommend only promoting your event here. Share the link in other forums and communities where your players might be. Many, many, many Gen Con attendees do not come to the forums for event suggestions.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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