Delve into a conspiracy tens of thousands of years old, woven from the headlines of today's science and fringe headlines. Visit a completely original and terrifying 'alien world', filled with unique and often dangerous life. Learn the fate of the Victorian explorers that came before you and salvage their steam punk super-gadgetry. Feel the rock scraqpe your shoulders as you claw through claustrophobic tunnels. Listen to your submersible groan and tick as you descend farther into the depths among the dark shapes of behemoths. Struggle against terror and despair, as you discover the mind-bending secrets of Inner Skies!

   Inner Skies is a completely new setting. It combines gritty horror with Hollow Earth theory, UFO conspiracy and pulp science fiction tropes in a way that makes the fantastic feel plausible. As much the movie The Descent, as Jules Vern, this is a horror game of blood, mud and darkness.

   Inner Skies is paired with The Amplifier System, a new, veratile rules engine that can be adapted to your group's chosen complexity level, realism and the tone of your story. The Amplifier System has the detail of a percentile system, without the cumbersome math. The system is focused on quickly rendering inspiring and sensible results.  The Amplifier System's point-based player characters are detailed, vivid and exceptionally coherent.

   This game will not see the light of day until 2018. But, it is complete enough to give a lucky few a taste of what is to come.  There are two ways to get a pre-release look at Inner Skies: the roleplaying game.

     As there are no more spots available for my original event, I have added a second game on Sunday at Gen Con. This complete adventure will introduce you to several elements of the setting, as well as give you a peek at the game mechanics.

  Alternatively, if you are interested in puzzels and code breaking, you can click the link below. If you can navigate the challenging mystery, you will be taken on a tour of ideas that inspired the game as well as some original content. If you can get all the way through the challenge you told how to get a piece of secret lore at Gen Con. These pieces of lore can be added together for a preview of sorts. Any secrets not recovered from the challenge will not be revealed for at least a year.