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Posted by rickd35y

I apologize if this has been asked before, but if an event location is listed as


how do I know where that is?
Is there a map that shows where this is located?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Posted by rogersba

The first part means it's in the Indiana Convention Center, as opposed to one of the hotels (JW, Hyatt, Mariott, etc.).

The second part means it's in the Wabash Ballroom. This might also be a room number or floor number. The ICC layout is here: http://icclos.com/floor-plans.aspx

The third part means there will be an HQ table in the room that is a check-in for all events in that room. From that table, they will direct you to your game.

Posted by rickd35y

Thank you so much, rogersba!

Posted by donaldbain

There are PDFs of the maps here:


if you want to plan your attack in advance.  Or you can Jon Snow it.


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