Seeking 4 New Players to play True Dungeon for Free
Posted by jedibcg

I have 4 extra tickets to Behold Her Majesty (Puzzle) Thursday 12:51PM.  I am looking for up to 4 people that have never played True Dungeon before and would like to give it a try for free.

So here are the odd stipulations for allowing you to play it for free.  You will be stuck with my friends for  2 hours playing on Nightmare (the hardest difficulty there is).  This will not be an easy challenge, but we are there to have fun so it will be no pressure.  Your character may die in of our characters is likely to die.  I will have ways of bring your character back from the dead.  I will supply all the necessary game supplies.  You will need to supply a sharp mind.  If your character survives you will get a nice shiny pin proclaiming your victory.  All token rewards I keep to cover the cost of your ticket.  Ideally you are able to show up at least 30 minutes early to get you setup to play.  If you are interested please drop me an email at lids5606man at yahoo dot com.

Posted by truelink

I would be interested in four of them. I have a group of four who have never done True Dungeon and were talking about possibly doing it this year last year. We didn't get any tickets though. We are adults aged 24 - 31. I've sent an email.

EDIT: All confirmed interest.

Posted by jedibcg

The Behold Her Majesty (Puzzle) Thursday 12:51PM are gone.

The Into the DeeperDark (Combat) Thursday 6:48PM are gone as well.

I will update if I end up will any other extra tickets, but it is unlikely at this point.

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Posted by jmlawson

Yes, accidentally hit the post button

Posted by jedibcg

Well back on the TD forums' there is a guy looking for 4 to 5 tickets if your 8 are still available.

Posted by asuterks

My Girlfriend and I have tickets for part 1 of True Dungeon but not 2 because we couldn't afford it at the time of registry opening. We've never been before and if you have tickets for part 2 we would love to join you!


Posted by jedibcg

I do not have any additional tickets at this time.  I would check the forums of because there maybe folks with extra there.

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