League of Xtraordinary Programmers
Posted by xmidnightxeyesx

This isn't in the event catalog but something run by a company called TechPoint that works to support the growth of techies in Indiana.  They ran this event last year but I couldn't make it.  Did anybody go that could share some info on how the event is, was it fun, etc?  I already have a ticket to this years event but kind of want to have a heads up on what to expect.


Posted by helldonkey

I went last year.  There were recruiters from various local tech companies. People were demonstrating things like 3-D printers, video games and other devices.  There was drinks and hors d'oeuvres and raffle prizes.   Fairly basic. It felt like every other social hour at every programming conference I've ever been to.  I'm likely to show up if I can fit it into my schedule.

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