I have 2 TD tickets available for Friday
Posted by edbenckert

Sold, thanks!

Posted by rhone1

I would be happy to buy those from you and will give you the full price you paid for them.  For some reason I can't figure out how to PM you here.  Let me know!

Posted by edbenckert

Huh. I cant figure out how to send a PM either. Maybe you can't on these forums. Send me an email? Here's a temporary/throwaway email address I can delete so my real address doesn't get scraped by spam bots. Email me at [email protected] and we'll work it out.

Sorry for the public discussion of this everyone - I cannot figure out how to send a private message here.

Posted by dautzen64

IIRC, there is no way to PM anyone on these forums at the moment.

Posted by boc_mage

Missing feature on these forums is lack of a pm system. Still plenty of groups looking to fill slots (extra tickets) on truedungeon.com if one is looking to find tickets (be sure to register or else you can't see all the threads). 

Shameless bump, 2 spare Truegrind tickets, 1 each to 9am and 10:30am Sun grinds. 

Posted by rhone1

Edbenckert, I just sent you an email.  

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