Deathmatch - Goblins vs Elves! Demo events now open!
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We finally managed to get the events up, and we have spaces available for those who want to discover and help beta test our new game:

Heros of Karth: Deathmatch -
A tcg/board game hybrid where you side withe either the Allegiance or the Shard, create your deck, and battle across yours and your opponent's play mat to victory or defeat. It features a rich story background routed in high fantasy and adventure. The first release of the game sees you play the Elf or the Goblin faction, with subsequent factions already in the development phase. We are now in full beta test swing for the first release of the game, and would love as much player feedback as possible!

We'll have the game devs as well as members of the art team there to teach you how to play and answer any questions you might have during each event. You'll get to pick between the elf archer and goblin spider starter decks - built around a central theme and strategy of play. 

Check our website for more info on these two decks:
elf archer deck
goblin spider deck

Each player begins with a starting amount of gold, used to either win the game as you accumulate the set amount, or to spawn new cards on your "board." As you play units, items, spells and even heroes, you have to balance your expenditure of gold and positioning of units, as both yours and your opponent's cards can travel to the opposing play mat to wreak havoc, and usher a victory. Using red and blue d10s, you manage the life and spiritual energy (mana) of your units, casting spells and using abilities from a list of choices unique to each character. When you play which cards isn't always as important as how you maneuver that card on your play mat, and which abilities you use when.

We want your input! From mechanics to artwork and the overall design of the game - so don't be shy, come by the Vulcan Design Forge table in Hall E for a pick up game, or sign up for one of our 2 hour slot events. Follow us on twitter and facebook for regular updates throughout the show!

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If you want more info on the game check out

Just getting prepared for the trip down and decided to add the elf warrior and goblin necromancer decks to shake it up a bit and show just how much variety there is in deck combinations!

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Added a thief deck too!!

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