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Posted by watchdog

What a Gen Con!

On Tuesday we had the best bread pudding ever created at Harry & Izzy's, and learned all about cracker forks.

On Wednesday we played Black Plague Zombiecide, wandered the convention hall before the storm, and saw our Premier Event Group write-up in the onsite catalog.  

On Thursday we debuted our superhero version of 4e, completed the War & Peas Trilogy, pitted the JSA against King Kong, sent  the FED sector Away Team troubleshooters to rescue High Programmer Abr-U-MMS, witnessed the death of Vice President Nixon in 1959, and found out what happened to the Roanoke Colony.

Early Friday morning five of us did the Orc Stomp, a 5K charity run at White River State Park.  One of those five was William, who was 230 pounds heavier a year and a half ago.  It was his first race, and he did it.  We got to see him finish, and there was laughter and tears and much rejoicing as we celebrated William and everything he's done to improve his quality of life. Oh, and a few raptors too.  

On Friday we ran a third Paranoia Trek, saw the good people of Pottersville save their town from a deranged George Bailey, watched eight down on their luck shadowrunners win a high stakes baseball game, saw the Doctor's companions save him from the Old Ones, and witnessed some 70s super powered repo men free themselves from the yoke of a master criminal.  

On Saturday we set Greendale Community College in Alpha Complex, and closed the night with a Can of Whupass that heard classic rock Carrie-oke, an on-point Obama impression, Dad jokes, the best Dwayne Johnson as a Vulcan impression ever, an epic exchange between The Spock and Nature Boy James T. Kirk, lots of parachute men, and Brad, our second ever two-time Whupass winner.

On Sunday we had our traditional lunch at Hooters, where we started planning for next year's Gen Con.

And throughout the convention you reminded us why we keep coming back.  Old friends reconnected and new friendships were made.  You showed up for our games in overwhelming numbers.  You rolled dice and you role played and you made us laugh and you made us want to do even better for you next year.

Because it's not about how many big statues line the convention center or how many copies of the hot new game are in stock at the vendor hall or what's being served at the food trucks.  It's about all of you.  

Thank you for making the time we put into these events time very well spent.  We'll see you next year.

Posted by fizler

Highlight of the Con every year....  as always.

Posted by derekguder

I'm glad you had fun - and thanks for taking the time to run games for everyone to enjoy!

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by nascragman

You guys are the one thing I hate about Gen Con.  Every year I want to make time to get in your games and there's never a spot that doesn't conflict with Nascrag.  

One of these days...

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