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Posted by kveldbjorn

So this is my first year going and the main question I have right now is, where are the different event locations in relation to each other? A lot of the seminars I have on my wish list are at either Penn Station, the Grand Central Ballroom or ICC 212, but I cant find an area map on the website showing where these places are so I can figure out if I can make it from from one seminar to the next in a timely manner

Posted by jedikitty

Check out these maps - they're from last year but for now will still give you a good rough estimate. :)

ICC 212 will be inside the convention center on the second floor

Grand Ballroom is on the second floor of the Westin
(Westin skywalk is marked on that first link, you might wanna use it for these events !)

Or do you mean Grand Central Station ?

Overview of downtown (for Crowne Plaza/Pennsylvania Station location)

Maps of the inside of Crowne Plaza

Posted by kveldbjorn

The locations are:
Crowne Plaza : Victoria Stn A/B
Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Ballroom A
Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn C
Crowne Plaza : Conrail
Westin : Capitol II
ICC : Victoria Stn A/B
ICC : 212

Some I left off because after seeing the map I understand that the A/B/C at the end is a room designator.

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