Cool Events Newsletter May 11
Posted by derekguder

There are a lot of events at Gen Con, so last year Jake undertook the Herculean task of trying to highlight new & interesting events that attendees might not have been aware of and still have tickets and thus was born the Hot Events Newsletter that was sent out every so often with a batch of neat events to check out.

This year it's back, but with our snowy theme, it's the Cool Events Newsletter! (though this first installment was tucked inside the general Gen Con email blast leading up to event reg - eventually it'll be it's own separate thing).

To help highlight the events even further and create a regular space for folks to share cool events they've found that still have space for players, I figured I'd repost it here in the forums:

2016 Cool Events

Multi-year attendees may have seen Gen Con's "Hot Events" newsletters in 2014 and 2015, showcasing interesting events with available tickets. For this year's newsletters, events are going to get even "cooler." Currently, you can add these events to your Wish Lists, and in future weeks, you will be able to link directly to events (sign-in required). 

Now, this week's slate of "Cool Events":

2016 Mayfair Games & Gen Con Charity Event: Saboteur Tournament

Listen all y'all this is Saboteur! Each year, Gen Con Co-Sponsor Mayfair Games has generously hosted events to benefit the yearly Gen Con charity. This year, live on Georgia Street on Saturday, August 6 at 6 pm, they will host a multi-round Saboteur tournament, where only the sneakiest dwarven miners will make it to the end. You don't necessarily need to get the gold to be the winner, as the prizes and participation rewards for this tournament are great! Proceeds will benefit The PourHouse, Gen Con 2016's Official Charity. Add this event to your Wish List now, as it will sell out!

The "Concert Against Humanity" 

New Gen Con Event Partner Cards Against Humanity will offer 100 discounted seats to their second annual Concert Against Humanity taking place Saturday, August 6 at the Murat Theater. Enjoy an evening of entertainment along with a bag of goodies collected by the CAH team, all for the discounted price of $36.

Note: This event features PG-13 content, not intended for minors." 

The Doubleclicks: Live in Concert
Speaking of live music, Gen Con favorites The Doubleclicks will return to Indy with two live matinee shows on Friday, August 5 at 3 pm and on Saturday, August 6 at 3 pm. Each year, their events are a favorite, so make sure to get your tickets soon!

Pathfinder 101
Never played Pathfinder before? Want a free tutorial on how to get started? Paizo will hold a Pathfinder 101 seminar on Thursday, August 4 at 1 pm. This is a great springboard into roleplaying games, and also a great entry point for veteran dice-rollers into the world of Pathfinder.

Next week, there will be a dedicated "Cool Events" newsletter with even more great options! 

If you've been to these (or similar) events in the past, let your fellow attendees know what you thought.

If you found some awesome events you want to share, add them to the thread - just try to make sure that there are still some tickets available when you link to them.

Let's see what cool things folks can find each week.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by pheaver

Is the Concert Against Humanity on Friday night (which is what the ticket says at ) or Saturday night (what the newsletter says).  I'm assuming the ticket is right, and the newsletter is wrong, and buying other tickets accordingly.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Friday night! :)  Sorry for the confusion

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by kate

I was lucky enough to get the CAH tickets through GenCon Event registration. Now that the public sale has begun, when will registration ticket holders be able to select seats?

Posted by derekguder

I believe they have a section set aside for those seats, and will be sending out details for that shortly.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by kate

Thank you!

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