Catan Tournament a little unclear
Posted by samlamiam

The Catan Tournament listings disagree with what is listed on Mayfair's website. 

Per Mayfair's site there are qualifiers Th/F/Sat, quarters Saturday evening, semis and finals on Sunday.

Per GenCon events, there are qualifiers Th/F
which say winners move on to Saturday  BGM1692980, BGM1692984

Round 1 (?) on Saturday Morning  BGM1692986 and then Semis/ Finals on Sunday  BGM1692987 

No mention of Saturday evening Quarterfinals.

Maybe Mayfair changed plans and made Saturday morning the Quarterfinals?  

The "Round 1" entry for Saturday morning is a little unclear - is it a quarterfinal or a qualifier?

Posted by julie_yeager

It looks like you may have pulled a listing for events from a previous year from our website.
Please use the events listed with Gen Con for accurate days and times.
We are running a qualifier round of 3 games on Thursday, Friday.  The top 10 players from the Qualifier tournaments on Thursday & Friday will play in the Catan National Championship (Round 1) on Saturday at 10am.  Sunday in the US Catan National Championship semi-final and final - playing for a seat in the Catan World Championship.  

Here is a link to the Gen Events: 

Hope this helps!

Julie Yeager
Director of Marketing
Mayfair Games, Inc.

Posted by samlamiam


Thanks for the quick response.  I see that I was looking at the wrong year on the Mayfair website.

However, I'm still a little confused.

Your post above, if I understand it correctly, says the Saturday round is a qualifier just like the ones on Th/Fri, and that the Championship is Sunday.

But the listings for Th/Fri say the Championship is Saturday: "The top 10 players from the Qualifier tournaments will play in the Catan National Championship on Saturday at 10am."
BGM1692980, BGM1692984

And the listing for Saturday morning says it is only open to participants who have been invited, so it doesn't look like a qualifier round.  BGM1692986

Posted by julie_yeager

My apologies - please see my updated response above.

Posted by samlamiam

Crystal clear now, thanks!

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