Cart payment locked out while wish list is processing. POssible big problem
Posted by norman.cates

So here's a pretty major problem. 

I submitted my wish list and got everything except Friday evening time slots. 

The successful items are in my cart.

So I though I'd go in and find a few other events that could fill in that slot. I did and I submitted these couple of items which started the wishlist processing. But then I find that I am now locked out of submitting the successful items in my cart. 

1. There was no warning that this would happen.
2. I cannot cancel this current wishlist processing.
3. My current place in the queue means that I have to stay awake for quite a while, possibly hours in order to pay for my items. (It's 4:30AM here in New Zealand)
4. During the wish list processing time, it's entirely possible that it will exceed the 2 hours that items will stay in the cart. If my wish list is still processing at that time, does that mean that all those items will be lost out of my cart?

This is pretty horrific, especially that no warning was given....

Is there anything that can be done to cancel my current wishlist processing so that I can submit my cart?

In the future, could there PLEASE be a warning that processing the wish list will lock out cart processing.

Or ideally for the "hungry shark" phase, the cart time be extended to a number more hours. 4 or 5 hours would give those of us in awkward timezones the chance to go back to sleep after submitting our wishlist.


Posted by derekguder

Your wish list cannot be canceled while it is processing.

You will need to wait until that is done and check out at that point, but being in the queue counts as being active on the site, so nothing should expire from your cart.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by daviglen

This is a weird problem.  My friend went to their cart and it re-processed wishlist, now they are 5200 in line.  Hope nothing drops out of cart as it goes through list again!

Posted by norman.cates

Thank you.

That's heartening.


Posted by hawkeye

Same issue, just called and was told to wait. It will hold your cart for 2 hours.

Posted by helenbb

Thank you, this happened to me as well. I am glad everything will still be there when I am processed again!

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