When it was my place in line, changing event times didn't work.
Posted by arcane360

When an event time was sold out, I wasnt able to submit another time for the same event.  Now I have to wait in line all over again.  Anyone else have this problem?  Now I will not get to play the event at the time I wanted because of the re-wait in line :(

Posted by derekguder

I'm not sure what you mean - did you not have the multiple times on your wish list to begin with?

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by wonderandawe

Yeah.  You needed to add all the times to your wish list.   I learned this lesson the hard way.  

Posted by mhayward1978

That's how it works - as long as there are any wishlists being processed, adding new things to your card and re-processing moves you to the back of the line.

If it didn't work that way, you could "cut the line" by not using the wishlist feature.

Posted by arcane360

Nope didnt realize you had to add multiple times.
So used to the system origins (Columbus, OH) has.  First time at Gen Con.  

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