Possible Credit Card Issue?
Posted by thejoltess

In my excitement of getting tickets, I submitted my credit card info except I accidentally forgot to change the country from US to my actually country of residence, thanks to the power of  auto-fill. All other credit card info is correct and I didn't get a rejection from the site. Payment went through but I am not sure if this will be a problem later. Is there a way I can correct this info (as it does not 100% match correct billing info) ? Or do I need to? 


Posted by meldh

I had the exact same thing and it seems to have cleared through OK... *shrug*! Wouldn't worry about it.

Posted by jeannette

If your bank processed the charge(s) (i.e. you see it on your statement) then you are good, although you may want to alert them. The transaction will also appear on your Gen Con "Transaction" page as well. Gen Con passes your information on to the bank and it is up to them to determine what info they accept to process your charge. You will be able to correct any incorrect credit card info on the Gen Con site the next time you make a purchase. 

Jeannette LeGault
Sr. Director of Event Programming
Gen Con LLC

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