Looking for D&D 1st edition.
Posted by daringdragoon

I am just trying to fill holes in my schedule. I can't seem to find any D&D 1st editions at all. If you are running one or know of one that still has tickets available, could you post the Game ID here? I am not looking for any other D&D editions. 

Or if you know of another system that would be similar, please post suggestions. Just looking for a dungeon hack and slash. I already have tickets for HackMaster and Dungeon Crawl Classics. 

Posted by soulcatcher78

Dungeon Crawl Classics (with a wierd magic system) or Castles and Crusades might suit your needs.

Posted by daringdragoon

Castles and Crusades is only offered at times that I have an event. :( I will keep checking throughout the summer. I know events will be added.

Posted by noone

When you say d&d 1st edition are you talking about AD&D 1st edition or the original 1974 edition?  Just wondering because I have 4 events of the 1974 version and wondering do I want to run one moe event of it.

Posted by daringdragoon

Either will work. I would be looking for two tickets. 

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