Carpooling for Con: Setting up a group ride/share anyone interested?
Posted by susan1906

Hey I think carpooling if you are parking farther away than the downtown core makes so much sense.  I don't like Uber and was hoping there was an alternative.  Are there any established groups organizing rides already?  I was thinking about starting one if not.  Feedback appreciated :)

Posted by rayken

I would advise against trying to organize GenCon carpool events on your own.

Realistically, I don't think it's even possible, and it's not the greatest idea to rely on other people to get to and from the convention hall/hotel and back especially with set times. The logistics of who would be driving what car to pick up what group from what hotel and then dropping off people and then parking... It's just not realistic.

If you don't like Uber your best bet is to schedule a cab pick up.

Posted by susan1906

Yeah, you're right.  Idea scrapped. 

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